Santa Cruz Basilica, Fort Kochi, Kerala

It’s Friday today and very very overcast, after rising at 5am, yes 5am ….. For the main purpose of sunrise pics over the Chinese Fishing Nets, which wasn’t to be because over this… Continue reading

Kashi Art Gallery Cafe

  This place is a haven for the times when you need some relief form Indian food, not often I must admit but occasionally! This work of art was my lunch, Watermelon, homemade… Continue reading

Girl at Athirappally Falls

This was not a posed shot, I was lucky to see a young couple doing a few selfies of themselves with the waterfalls as the backdrop, she paused for a moment watching her… Continue reading

Lest We Forget

Goonhilly Downs with Texture

Book Love or Book Lust ?

Goonhilly Downs

  Goonhilly Downs is special a place that is close to my heart for many reasons, it was where I worked at the Earth Satellite Station and eventually met my husband nearly forty… Continue reading