Proper Thatch Job Blue Anchor

This was truly the last day I will photographing the Toby & Jack thatching our local 15c Blue Anchor pub. Today after the scaffolding had been removed at long last, ┬áit was a… Continue reading

Discussing God

I managed to squeeze in an extra mini photo essay today on the way home today. It is a delight of my other half to engage in healthy discussion with the Mormon brethren… Continue reading

one heck of a frock

20 inches of 28lbs of clay

Russell throwing a chimney …

…. a day in the Cornish countryside

summer heaven at Trevoole Farm      

Grid ref: SW599321…… Godolphin Hill

This is one of my favourite walks and it doesn’t get much better than on a fine sunny early autumn morning. Today was no exception with the heathers now blooming amongst the still… Continue reading