INDIA – dellybelly

Saturday 5th Dec 2009 – New Delhi, India

Things went from bad to worse when I awoke with stomach cramps and a dose of Delhi Belly, to add to my troubles and …..a fever, I was beginning to think someone has got it in for me. I ended up sleeping it off until my afternoon appointment with Exta for my bridge fitting; I had to be there as we were leaving for Jaipur on Monday. Allowing an hour to get to the hospital we thought would be plenty of time only to be unlucky enough to get a taxi driver who got lost and couldn’t find the centre. Eventually we made it in time and all was well, so now I am fitted up with an Indian cap and bridge and 200 quid lighter.

This does get better I promise…….


2 thoughts on “INDIA – dellybelly

  1. Hi Lesley Ann,

    Got your blog, thanks to Mikew. I hope you will feel better soon and of course wish you the best of light, in good prosper and health on your journeys for the next months to come. I will follow your adventures and be looking forward to some beautiful photography, as we all know you can produce.

    All the best,


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