INDIA, Jaipur ….. Hello chewing gum!

Tuesday 8th Dec 2009

Shopping in Jaipur is a challenge, Tescos’ seems another world away, even though a city it took approximately two and a half hours to gather fresh food and basics and that was just ten items! Fruit and veg from a stall man or the lady on the pavement, but, the rest of everyday shopping has to be hunted high and low from individual shops scattered over the city.

Rajak our tuk tuk driver who has latched onto us knows the place and we spend all morning hunting and gathering, but it is good fun and very much cheaper than Tesco’s. Two bags of fruit and superb veg came to 100 rupees about £1.50, we shall eat well here.

These are some baby aubergines I got today and some mustardy tasting slender green beans, which I have not found the name of yet, but they tasted good, simmered in water and then fried with onion, garlic and ginger. I set them up for a snap on the balcony taken with the 50mm 1.4, couldn’t resist those colours.

The craziest thing today….. …a kid came up to me and said …….”hello chewing gum”


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