INDIA, Jaipur ….. to Sim or not to Sim

Thurs 10th Dec 2009

Getting a mobile phone connection is not as straight forward as we thought.

Today we headed for the ‘Plaza’ (not as it may seem or sound) where there was a T-Mobile office, being forewarned we took passport for identification, but that was not enough proof of identity. To purchase just a sim card which I was after to use in my own phone I was informed that Government Policy now insists on proof of permanent address, so, we would need a letter from the residence we were staying at to prove we were residents here in Jaipur.

There is always something to surprise you here in India, but, after reading the Jaipur Times this morning, we read there are over 500 million mobile phones in this country, that’s 45 people out of every 100!

So next time you go and buy a new mobile at Tesco; Asda; Sains., think how easy it is!

I took the above image in the City Palace where the current Royal Family still reside, it was one of the many gorgeously painted wall panels.

The craziest thing today…..

…a kid came up to me and said …….”hello chocolate” !….what next?


2 thoughts on “INDIA, Jaipur ….. to Sim or not to Sim

  1. Hi Lesley Ann,
    Beautiful pictures so far. You catch the colour so well.
    Regarding the; “hello chocolate……….” phrase.
    First chewing gum, and now this. You must be ” eye candy”
    to their eyes, right? LOL.

    Safe journeys,


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