INDIA, Jaipur ….. don’t let the dogs out

Tues 15th Dec 2009

I took this for future nostalgic purposes today. This a street dog one of the urban wise guys that wanders the streets here where we are staying and one that has no real home. Although where we are staying it is relatively up market area of Jaipur, Bani Park, where most of the bigger houses have a watchman on. Some, neigbouring homes do not, so they have domestic dogs in their yards, not one but maybe three to protect their homes.

A problemo arises when it gets dark and these wise loose guys start wandering the neighbourhood winding up the guard dogs, taunting them into barking howling matches that sometimes last for half an hour. Not good for ones sleep, but, it has amazed us how the mind and body adjusts to such interruptions, I hardly hear them now.

Had a very entertaining morning at the museum of Indology, which holds the collection of curiosities from the late writer and painter Acharya Vyakul. Some very weird things amongst some very lovely paintings, but much of it was fairly unedifying. The caretaker was most enthusiastic and wanted us processed through as quick as was possible in order to get her tip, but it was one helluva of a collection,, of which we saw only fifteen percent.


4 thoughts on “INDIA, Jaipur ….. don’t let the dogs out

  1. Hiya Lesley and Mike, fascinating reading about your trip, and most impressed at how dedicated you are to the bog! – have a safe journey, will be reading your updates, photographs are inspirational!
    Netty & Stevex

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