INDIA, Jaipur ….. cold nights in Jaipur

Friday 18th Dec 2009

The temperature has dropped drastically at night now, the north-easterlies are coming off the Himalayas’ and it is feeling decidedly chilly here in the apartment, I am pleased I packed my Ugg boots!

Very quiet day after yesterday so caught up on stuff and relaxed and played around with a couple of images in CS3. Working with a 10” screen really does curb the desire to edit lot which is good; otherwise I wouldn’t get out of the apartment with all I have been taking!

This is one I am quite happy with that I took yesterday in Shekhawati of a young woman, which I had to convert to black and white.

Off to Galta tomorrow a pilgrimage to beautiful temples, a natural spring, macaque monkeys and colourful people to meet, with packed lunch stuffed chapattis and other delights no doubt!


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