INDIA, Jaipur ….. “what?…. baked beans from Bhutan for breakfast?”

Wed 23rd Dec 2009

We had them for breakfast as a pre Christmas treat. I do believe Durg is the Cross & Blackwell of India, I was amazed to read of their origin, India always a land of surprises.

This 50mm is so sharp, it seems even sharper in this Indian light or is it my imagination?

I have found an interesting charity to go and visit next week, called Ladli, Hindi for loving girl. was set up to help deal with the massive problem of begging children on the streets here. Ladli is a vocational training centre for abused orphaned and destitute girls in Jaipur where they go to gain self esteem and learn how to make jewelry; all revenues are used to give other girls and now also boys a chance in life.

So, I am looking forward to that and will be able to take some documentary photography as well as make a donation or buy some jewelry.


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