INDIA, Jaipur … Kite flying festival

Sun 3rd January 2010

For the past few weeks every evening the locals are our on their roof tops practicing their kite flying skills. The kite festival is a popular festival of Jaipur, heralding the transition of the sun into the Northern hemisphere. Kite flying is enjoyed by people of all age-groups. However, 14 January, the day of Makar Sankranti, makes the official day for flying kites in Jaipur. People make most out of the festival by flying kites for the whole day. The sky becomes next to invisible as innumerable kites cover it. People form groups and fly kites, to enjoy the event to its full. With each cut loose of a kite, people fill the environment shouting, “Woh Kata”.

People shout from their terrace as adversary’s kite is cut down. Everyone is an adversary in this game and each kite is a competitor for the other. Engrossed in Kite flying, people enjoy loud music and food on the terraces. In Jaipur, the sky looks like a huge collage with all kites of all shapes and designs in it.

The trees around us are littered already with failed attempts. The kites are very simple made just out of tissue paper and thin strips of wood and are absent of tails! It is quite an art to get the airborne, I have tried unsuccessfully!


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