INDIA, Jaipur … Maharini has tea at Jaigarh

Mon 4th January 2010

Today we were tourists in every sense of the word, being picked up by our driver at 9am in an old original retro Indian Ambassador car; we headed for the hills and forts which stand sentinel over Jaipur.

It was a cold morning as we set off wrapped up with fleeces and jackets insulating us from the low lying fog and unusually low temperatures of 8 degrees.

Heading out of Jaipur it was incredibly atmospheric driving past misty silhouettes’ of people heading for work and waking bodies unwrapping themselves from their nights sleep at the sides of the road.

Jaigarh, the Fort of Victory was the main battle fort for the city and houses the world’s largest cannon the Jai Ban which has a range of over 35 kms and required over 100 kgs of gunpowder to ignite it. Only once fired in the mid 17c as a test of its capabilities!

It was a huge complex and took us 2hrs to walk around and enjoy the spectacular views over Jaipur and the Amber Palace, setting off early paid off as we had the place practically to ourselves.

They had some rather kitsch life size mock ups of how the maharini and maharajah lived n the accompanying palace, which we had to view through plate glass and ornate iron bars! This image I took was of the Maharini entertaining her girlfriends to a Rajasthani Thaal.

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