INDIA, Jaipur … RAJAK the Auto-Rickshaw & TAXI driver

Tues 5th January 2010

Today is dedicated to Rajak our personal auto-rickshaw driver whom we will miss dreadfully when we leave on Thursday. He has been so friendly, very knowledgeable in showing us all the right and most interesting places to visit, to shop and sometimes just to drink chai.

He has made our months stay in Jaipur very enjoyable by being on call via his mobile. It will be back to reality when we have to start arguing about how many rupees our future rides are going to cost when we move on.

His area is just outside of:

Om Niwas Service Apartments, E-23 Kaushalya Path, Nr. Durga Apartments, Durga Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur 302016 India

………and if ever you see him parked up outside looking for a fare, do not hesitate to use him, you will not be disappointed.

His mobile phone here in Jaipur is :  09828364763

Rajak, speaks very good English but is not able to understand written English at all …so telephone him to book your auto-rickshaw or a chauffeur driven taxi can be arranged if you prefer.


3 thoughts on “INDIA, Jaipur … RAJAK the Auto-Rickshaw & TAXI driver

  1. Hi Lesley & Mike

    Just searched and found some info of your hols. Only seen this one picture so would be nice to have a link to keep up with your journey. Brings back memories of the rickshaws we had in Agra, a brilliant time. Enjoy and hope to keep in touch.


  2. Hello Lesley. My boyfriend james and I travelled to India over new year 2014 and found the wonderful Rajak. We met him by chance outside the Madhuban Hotel and we’re so glad we did. He took us to places we wouldn’t have thought to go, some really unspoilt areas off the tourist track. He has kept your page in his comments book – he used to have two books full of amazing comments but lost one of them in a storm. I’m not sure if this was before or after your trip there. Anyway, i just wanted to share how happy we were with Rajak, and how special he made our stay in Jaipur. All the best, Alice and James (London)

    1. Hi Alice and James, so pleased to hear from you and that Rajak is still going strong! Glad you took the time to message me that means a lot – thank you so much 🙂 He is such a special person and you were lucky to have him as your guide, all the best Lesley. Did he take to for chai at Uncles (with no legs)?

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