INDIA … Nerve wracking ride to Udaipur

Sun 17th January 2010

We always say India always has a surprise in store – just when you think you have seen it all!

Today was the most nerve wracking five hour ride to Udaipur, still in Rajasthan, we have ever had. It culminated when we were one hour from our destination after hitting the final toll road, a three lane motorway.

Our driver missed the exit and promptly did a u turn drove back down the way we had come, crossed the reservation and then drove again against the traffic to access our exit.

Thank God there was little traffic on the road, but our hearts were in our mouths, which were speechless and when we eventually arrived at Udaipur I was a quivering wreck.

Incidentally, he got us lost in Udaipur getting to the hotel. Our hotel has made up for it though and when I eventually calmed down we strolled out onto the streets and at 630pm puja time, these two approached us for ‘one photo’ which I could not resist, who could?


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