INDIA … Udaipur…..the Marwari horse from the ancient kingdom of Marwar

Tues 19th January 2010, evening wedding

Today was our last day in Udaipur, it is quite a touristic place and even though our hotel The Jaiwana Haveli was a beautiful place to stay we were ready to move on, to the countryside of Gujarat. We did have an unexpected pleasure though on our way back to our hotel as the sun was going down, a wedding procession with groom resplendent in his wedding outfit mounted on his beautiful Marwari stallion. This was the first time I had had the opportunity to get up close to this magnificent breed, it’s striking feature their ears pointing inwards is quite strange to see for the first time.

“The Marwari horse today is descended from the splendid war horses that served the ruling families and warriors of feudal India, throughout and from the beginning of that country’s history. Their status was unparalleled, as they were declared divine and superior to all men, including those of Royal blood. Accordingly, only the Rajput families and the Kshatriyas – warrior caste were permitted to mount these exalted animals.”

I followed the procession amongst the women guests who were decked out in their finest saris and jewelry up through the narrow lanes on a circular route to the temple, snapping as fast as I could whilst trying to dodge the cow pats! I very quickly lost Mike but found him again an hour later after I managed to find my way back to the hotel.

Packing again, moving on tomorrow to the neigbouring state of Gujarat, which we first visited more than 10 years ago, looking forward to it.


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