INDIA, Kutch……Siberian Crane & Cotton Pickers

Thurs 21st January 2010

Juned our driver/guide was waiting for us at 8am after breakfast to take us muffled up against the cold morning in his open jeep. Within five minutes we gave some cotton pickers a lift and then I had to stop him again to clamber out and take some shots of the incredible faces of the women cotton pickers. It really is going to be a luxury to have our own transport all to ourselves, for me to be able to stop and take images as I like.

A few kms later we reach the bird sanctuary and were met with the sight of pelicans, thousands of flamingos, avocet, stork, damozelle crane and these Siberian Crane which I feebly attempted to take.

It does give you an idea of the environment though with the Rabari peoples’ water buffalo grazing in the background.

I have come to the conclusion very quickly; wildlife photography is not as easy I once thought. I have great respect now for those stunning pin sharp wildlife images that I have seen. I must have taken 50 or 60 of the birds here and failed miserably to get a good shot, another challenge to overcome!


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