How times change

1st January 2012

The comparison in architecture is so evidently seen here; this is a view that I have passed by many times, but, today recorded for what reason I do not know but was drawn to do so. How planning regs have changed, how interesting what we consider to be attractive in our homely dwellings can alter so dramatically in the space of a century, I know which I prefer!


3 thoughts on “How times change

  1. Seeing the purely charming on the one side, don’t you ask, looking sideways at the other, “What were they thinking?” sometimes it’s just so hard to imagine that they EVER could have thought it attractive or a good idea. Changing fashions. I know I’ve looked back at photos of myself and wondered the same thing! 🙂

    1. Yes, it is pretty shocking isn’t it but I suppose they are happy living in their pile! Always amazes me how when you photograph you see so much more, reckon when we walk around generally we are elsewhere – until we notice and that third eye kicks in!

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