Day 14


The winter January sun tempted me down to this beach this afternoon and I have just had to break my rule of producing mono images, I couldn’t possibly take away the subtle but beautiful colours of the rock pool, the colours were so amazing.




For the uninformed this cove is named Dollar Cove or ‘Jangye-Ryn‘ is the site of a shipwreck  Spanish ship, laden with over $60 million worth of gold dollars, which came to grief on the cliffs half-way along the north side of Poldhu Cove in 1669. And even today silver dollars are said to be washed ashore after storms. The San Salvador was said to have been carrying two tons of Spanish coin. Although documentation on the ship is very poor, treasure-hunting has gone on for centuries. Efforts were made in the early 1800s to dam the undersea gully into which the coins were believed to have spilled from the wreck. This failed and as did the attempt in 1847 by a group of tin miners to sink a metre-wide shaft under the wreck so that the coins would drop into the tunnel – their tunnel was flooded by the sea before they could get any coins. Divers have tried for the jackpot many times in recent years, but no great discovery has been reported. Despite frequent visits however I am still waiting to find the odd dollar or two!


One thought on “Day 14

  1. It’s difficult to tell the perspective – is it just me? – but that’s maybe the top photo’s greatest appeal. It holds up beautifully as an abstract – (even though we know it has SOMEthing to do with earth.) I like it so much. I also love the new layout Leslie! Bravo! 🙂
    And a fascinating little story to go along with. We’ll be looking for that silver dollar to show up in one of your photos – maybe in sand, poking up between bare toes!

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