Day 53

Be happy!

Penzance was very wet and atmospheric today (well to me!) , loving all those reflections and getting some very strange withering looks. I have hmmmd and haaad…  trying to decide which of my favourite two images to put up as they are both quite different. So, both are here, please tell me which you prefer ? I have a gut feeling and would be interested in what you all think.

I am also currently trying to edit past work to submit for a competition, it really is the hardest job in the world to objectively look at ones work and select. Have to try and get my head around it.


7 thoughts on “Day 53

  1. I like the first one better. The curve of the bench pulls you into the photograph and towards the people. The woman’s reflection sends you back to the bench and the cycle starts over. A very cyclical, wonderfully composed photograph. I’m starting a reflection project soon so I’m happy to see others enjoy it as much as I do. Good luck with the competition!

  2. I think I would take the first too. 🙂 Besides the reflection, and how eye travels the pic, the shape of the bench itself is interesting and dynamic too. On the second photo you do loose the shape into the shades. So the first pic is dynamic, the second is stright.

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