Day 90

Fishmonger Ladies
Friday is market day in our town and these two lovely ladies from the fishing port of Porthleven visit every week with fresh catch. After purchasing some fresh crab (my absolute ambrosia food, yum yum yum….) for todays lunch, they very kindly obliged to pose for day 90. The lighting conditions were appalling as we were on the shady side of the street but managed to drag some detail back even though I was using the humble compact!

7 thoughts on “Day 90

  1. Hi,
    Nice photo, it was very nice of them to let you take the shot. 🙂
    You just can’t beat fresh seafood, not only is it tasty but good for you as well. 😀

  2. ah ambrosia in crab form! I so agree!
    I think it’s so lucky and all too rare when we get to meet the people who bring us the food. I love the notion of “market day” and you’ve captured a bit of the feel of that with this charming pic! Don’t you just LOVE that squinty-whole-face-smile of hers!!!

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