Day 91

Todays Characters
This afternoon was satisfying and at the same time very unsettling. I went to the pub, good news yes, there was a beer festival on and I took loads of images of the Belfast Busker a great entertainer and the images were good, shot on my Pentax 135 prime in daylight isos, I thought they would be todays offering. However, hmmmm after I returned to the cosy dark confines of the bar the challenge was on, twas such dark and murky light and combined with my the inadequacies of my low light focussing DSLR it was mighty hard to capture crisply those moments. But, these perhaps technically inperfect images meant more to me than anything, they tell so much more than a perfect portrait. These were shot at my max iso 3200 and very noisy from an ageing K20D and the focussing was such a struggle. I worked them in LR4 and PS4 for some dodging and burning but I really am tearing my hair out trying to decide on the next camera that can do this kind of work with ease…
This is Scotty and his ever present companion, they live on Gypsy Lane on the edge of town and I want to photograph them much more.
The next one is of Tony another character of the pub who has many many stories to keep you enthralled by,  I asked him to look at me longingly and lustfully, always works!

12 thoughts on “Day 91

  1. FABULOUS. In addition, I find that the weird, low-light and difficult shots are the best. Don’t fight what is presented. Just flow with it. And then be shocked when you upload…

  2. What a BRILLIANT way to provoke a “look” that enthralls (and Tony’s certainly does that!!) I mean brilliant, and I’ll be borrowing it!! 😉 The trickiest aspects to me of low-light photography is the focusing. I can get the settings right, but the focusing is what more often fails me. Both great portraits, Lesley, and sounds like a fun fun day!

    1. Glad to pass the tip on 😉 manual focussing is probably best in low light, but I admit I am lazy with auto focus, its my eyes 😦

      1. Ok this is probably weird, but except in fast-moving-children-and-dog situations, I always use manual focus. For me the problem in the dark is that my eyes just refuse to see there! :-]

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