Day 96

Gift Day
……a special day via Royal Mail, morning post brought me a photography book on Tallinn accompanied with a bar of Estonian choco from my Estonian friend  Aiki as a thank you for Londinium travel advise, thank you Aiki, closely followed by a camera I have been saving up for what seems like bleedin’ years!
What more could a girl want in one whole day ………phew…so, excited I need a lie down and a gin!

8 thoughts on “Day 96

  1. Sounds like a super nice day! I had a good day: a brand spanking new 35mm f1.8 lens for my Nikon.
    Hurrah for new camera stuff!

      1. definitely, it’s the potential of what it can do for you… all those new photographs to be seen and to be captured. Exciting stuff! 🙂

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