Day 108

April showers

We are having the most inclement weather these past few days, gales, rain, low temperatures. Captured this image which sums up this afternoon for me gazing out of my roof top window, the trees at the end of the garden strike the middle tones and highlights created by the stormy rain showers.

14 thoughts on “Day 108

  1. how beautiful ! 🙂
    Good to find sth so nice about unpleasant weather !
    We had snow today morning….again. :-s

  2. Hi,
    A great photo I love how the water spreads out in the photo. 🙂
    We have had a lot of rain here where I live in Australia, but today the sun is shinning.

  3. One of the Indian carers from my Grandmother’s nursing home spoke to me last week how beautiful nature is, how amazing it is that each little individual raindrop falls from the sky bit by bit. Beautiful photo Lesley

  4. That photo looks sadly familiar!! (but somehow more beautiful!) weather here is looking much like yours. Beautifully captured wind-chasing-raindrops up the window! xo

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