Day 114


In Penzance today one of our local bakers has decided to give over their window display to demonstrate everyones disgust over the Chancellors latest blow to rob the ordinary Cousin Jack on the street. Here is the full story which will go down in history!


2 thoughts on “Day 114

  1. Where do I begin?! Well to start with there is nothing wrong with a cold pasty, many a time over the years I have enjoyed one baked that morning only to be consumed later cold with much gusto and appetite on the beach or after a long ramble later that day. However, our chancellor has deemed that he intends to charge us an extra 20% VAT (value added tax) on it as a hot snack food item, which is consumed every day of the week hot from many bakeries across the county and country. Food has always been the no go area as far a TAX on food, but now the government intends to hit the low wage grass roots working class members of society who rely greatly on this hot food item for their daily croust (snack) (lunch).. The Duchy is in uproar over this as seen in att. link. Hope this makes sense! Hence the Daily tabloid title “let them eat COLD pasty”)!!!

    Here is a recipe for one, though myself I eat veggie versions…

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