Day 117

An Tabourer

Truro’s  15ft naked statue called The Drummer has received mixed reactions in the past since he was erected last summer . The bronze sculpture – containing Cornish tin and copper – is a figure standing on a sphere beating a drum on Lemon Quay.

Artist Tim Shaw defended his work which he says portrays a sense “celebration’ and Cornwall’s “steely determination”. The statue was officially unveiled last summer by Queen drummer Roger Taylor. Inspiration for the piece came from memories of Mr Shaw arrival in Cornwall 25 years ago, describing it as a place “where the drum beats differently”. Anyway, it is one amazing piece of sculpture whatever your opinion which is a focal point and fills an empty void of a shoppers haven and always never fails to cheer me whenever I pass by.


7 thoughts on “Day 117

  1. That’s pretty fabulous! Love your point of view, looking skyward from the rock he stands on, feels SO joyous & celebratory! Drumming with unrestrained wild love! Beautiful! How could you not smile!?

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