Day 132 Trullo Giardino (Garden Trullo), Puglia, ITALY

Here is the first pic of the inside of our hobbit heaven, the bedroom/sleeping area. It sometimes feels like we are living in a cross between a crypt and a cave but it is most cosy and comfortable especially at this time of year a sanctuary from the heat or cold. Here even the very south of Italy snow is not uncommon in the depths of winter, so if living in a trullo in the winter it does require central heating. At the moment though we are enjoying mid to high twenties degrees Celsius during the day and about 13 – 15 at night.

It was a hot and lazy Puglianese day so we stayed in hobbit land and sunbathed and enjoyed the space and place. I made a new lunch time dish that only living in a place like this truly inspires:

Panzanella alla napoletana

Take some very ripe juicy toms chopped

add finely chopped half a red onion or scallion

add half a dozen chopped anchovies with lots of freshly torn basil …

grab some day old bread and break into very small pieces (in this case here I have the best Puglianese high baked crust bread that has been risen three times!)

…enjoy the tossing and turning with liberal amounts of best extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and juice of half a lemon…

serve on a warm summers day with ample amounts of rose vino…:) TRY IT!


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