Day 133 Cisterino, Puglia, ITALY

We visited Cisternino at siesta time 130pm – 430pm always a good time to familiarize yourself with a new town and photograph some empty streets. It sits perched on one of the highest hills of the Apulian Murge and is a stunning white town overlooking the Vale d’Itria a stunning valley of vineyards and olive groves. The narrow streets only a few feet across with tiny cafes with just a few tables perched outside could make you believe you were on a Greek Isle.

As we made our way back to the car we couldn’t resist entering a tiny deli that had just opened its doors, taking home some goodies for supper, a Burratta Mozarella top knot cheese (you can see them hanging at the back). I do love the Italian word ‘prago’ welcome….which they greet you with. It seems impossible not go home without some new food discovery here, it is all so tempting… I don’t think I have been anywhere where there is such a fabulous variety of gourmet food purely and utterly all Italian and NO fast food joints at all here in the south, they fiercely protect their local traditional cuisine which is fabulous to see.


One thought on “Day 133 Cisterino, Puglia, ITALY

  1. love these…great patterns in the first and the story in the second….wonderful…I want to buy some things from that store too…

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