Day 134 …… Dawn Shoot, Puglia, Italy

Managed to drag myself out of bed at 0600 something I have been meaning to do since we arrived but we have become so relaxed and chilled out we have failed miserably! However this morning we were out exploring the country lanes by 0630 and it was well worth it, the quality of light was stunning. Poppies literally are everywhere at springtime and is a sight to behold. This would you believe is a driveway up to an abandoned trullo, I spent a very happy half hour capturing the magic of the place.       Here is our home Trullo Giardino for another week, thank heavens we booked a fortnight, one week would not have been enough. As you can see it is very unique and quite beautiful shaded by two huge pine trees which awake us in the morning with the gentle smell of pine wafting through the shuttered windows. Going to be hard to leave here for sure.   


3 thoughts on “Day 134 …… Dawn Shoot, Puglia, Italy

  1. Hi,
    How pretty the poppy’s look going up the drive, sort of magical in a way fairytale way. 😀
    I love the house your staying in, very unique.

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