Day 135 …… Change in the weather


We were warned yesterday by Sarah when she came to visit that the weather was going to change and it did, quite drastically; the temperature dropped a whopping 15 degrees today and we had several hours of rain. So we had to dig out the boots and jackets for a visit into Martina Franca where I spent an hour catching up on the blog.
For the past week I have been in four minds what to do, a constant conflict whether to photograph, visit places, cook or just plain couch out in the sun with a bottle of vino, Mmmm … life is hard eh.  So, today was not such a tough decision, I caught up on my Canon 5Dii manual and discovered more things this great camera is capable of. I braved the elements to get todays capture the ancient wood store in the garden and the integral pizza/bread oven that is built into the trullo which we have yet to inaugurate. Strangely, I seemed to have focussed on heat bearing elements, trulli it is cold today!


3 thoughts on “Day 135 …… Change in the weather

  1. You have such a way with trees, Lesley. Clearly you’ve had a long-standing love affair with them.That top image fills me with fresh peace. 🙂

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