Day 137 …… Market Day



is a great day here in Martina Franca, I just adore the way the whole town turns out and there is such a frenetic buzz about the place locals stocking up on the best local food available down to some bargain knickers or even hats which I could not resist today. After the excitement of market morning we retired to the Grand Cafe for Peronni beers and toastie. Nearby was a very Italian senior enjoying his expresso whilst reading the paper. I set up a still life when we returned to out Trullo as the gale of wind made it impossible to do out side. But in the face of adversity came a semi indoor shot of the fruit from the market and my new hat.


One thought on “Day 137 …… Market Day

  1. Already day 137, can you believe it Lesley? Well, you probably can! But it seems to have flown by! I’ve been missing (badly!) your posts and photos and any day now will again be able to start catching up! Both these images lovely – in the lower one you seem to have caught a young man’s attention! Was it you, being ravishing in your new hat? 😉

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