Day 138 …… An elite cemetery in Martina Franca



I have never experienced a cemetery quite like it and I have been known to be drawn to many, I like the peace and quiet these places usually bring, but here it was quite different. The Italian people obviously have far more respect for their past loved ones (I would imagine because of their religion) which was evident in this cemetery. There were mausoleums one after another that would not be out of place in Bond Street, the style and lavish attention to detail was impressive. Some of the wealthier more recent tombs had plate glass doors, lavish carpets constant burning lamps, fresh cut flowers and cleaners! A place to go and be at peace in comfort with your loved one. It was a very busy place with restricted opening hours of only a few hours a day the place was hectic with people bringing flowers on their way to work after siesta. So, even though I took quite a few images it was done under cover being afraid not offend.


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