Day 142 …… the baker and the bandstand, Puglia, Italy


We discovered a baker a few streets from us that bakes in a wood fired oven, arriving a little late at 1250 just before siesta, we managed to acquire this amazing selection of hand crafted Pugliese pan. You can see the underside of one of the rolls charred by the wood oven and the orange colored roll in the centre was simply yummy made with aubergine cheese tomatoes and courgette! The small bottle of home made olive oil was another story after buying some groceries at the store and paying, the owner popped it in our bag; a lovely touch which I hope is repeated! After our lunch we went to the southern most town from us called Santa Maria di Leuca which was a strange seaside place, full of ancient strange villas, a place we need to explore more. We enjoyed la passeggiata ( the Italian evening walking route) along the promenade passing this ornate bandstand. This place it truly off the beaten track.


3 thoughts on “Day 142 …… the baker and the bandstand, Puglia, Italy

  1. Hi,
    That bread sounds delicious and baked in a wood fired oven I can only imagine how nice that would of been. šŸ™‚
    The bandstand is gorgeous, such beautiful work around the top, looks lovely sitting there by the water.

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