Day 145 …… Lunch at the grotto of the black crows




Not what were expecting today but after a lengthy drive north from Santa Maria di Leuca visiting many grotte costiere (coastal caves) we returned to Ciolo, the grotto of the Black Crows. Here the legend goes the 30metre deep caves once used by pirates, brigands, saracens and latterly black crows who have now since departed for what reason we do not know. But the upside was it had the spectacularly positioned ristorante overlooking the grotto where we feasted on pasta mariniere and humungous prawns. The pisciniere a natural made swimming pool looked very tempting but having no cozzie I had to be content with a paddle. Graffiti seems to be common in these parts especially for lovers, I have notice they leave padlocks entwined with their names felt tipped, in auspicious meaningful places like on high bridges!


4 thoughts on “Day 145 …… Lunch at the grotto of the black crows

  1. Hi,
    What a gorgeous place, I just love the natural pool, so clear and so clean just beautiful, and it does look very inviting. 😀

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