Day 166 Squirting Cucumbers

It rained and it poureth today, like no other June, confined to barracks I rediscovered a very ancient tomb. The Complete Herbalist, this will not be the first image, I feel it will become a back up plan. When did dropsy die out?

2 thoughts on “Day 166 Squirting Cucumbers

  1. Oedema (or Edema) is the name used today for dropsy. It is commonly associated with heart conditions, so its a term that’s no longer current, though the condition remains. To my utter regret, I once threw away a sixteenth century book like this which I later discovered was worth at least £1000……. we were having a clear out……. total stupidity!

  2. Oh Lord, what a dreadful error ! This one is not worth so much unfortunately, but well treasured. I prefer dropsy, seems friendlier.

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