Day 173 …. 85mm @ f/1.8

It is still raining here on Midsummers Day, what a summer this is turning out to be! Good news is my birthday/wedding anniversary pressie arrived courtesy of Amazonia; a new prime 85mm 1.8 USM for my Canon 5D2. Here’s the first image I took with this sweetest of lenses, of my hubby who gifted it, taken by natural window side light. For a change from LR4 I converted it to mono via CS4 Adobe RAW as a 16 bit Tiff and was quite pleased with the effect. I am well pleased with this 85mm prime, I nearly got myself a nifty 50 but portrait work which I tend to do more of this is just perfect and not such an extortionate outlay as an L lens, it will do me very nicely.


20 thoughts on “Day 173 …. 85mm @ f/1.8

  1. Lesley – I am so struck by the beauty in all of your portraits…I’ve yet to see one that didn’t move me. Your husband’s is no exception. I know I use this word a lot with you, and I really wish I had another that was as apt as it, but this is stunning. Simply that.

  2. Hi Lesley…………. as a follower of yours truly, I have always been interested in the quality and range of your work. A new lens can transform the way we work and how we approach the subject. Your handsome hubby makes an excellent model and subject, as a test shot, and I admire the subtle backlighting on the right. I am distracted by the out of focus left ear, however, and apologise profusely for being so very picky. It must be this lousy weather that’s given me the grumps. 🙂

    1. Thank you John, about the ‘ear’ the point of the exercise was to use this lens as wide open as it goes 1.8 hence the shallow DOF. I actually wanted his ear that way, the focus was to be on his eyes. Most in depth portraits are displayed this way and I like it that way, but, everyone to their own preferences. Thanks for your comments as always.

  3. Hi Lesley good side lighting in this portrait. Yes it’s still raining on mid summer day. I’m glad you like the 85mm f1.8. I got the f1.2 version about 5 years ago. I’m not what is more spectacular about this lens: the quality, the weight or the price. Regards Andy

  4. Love the side lighting here! And I just picked up that same lens just over a week’s brilliant…I was tossing up whether to splurge on the 1.2 but the 1.8 has fantastic results and I don’t regret it…enjoy

    1. Its a real beauty isn’t it, I wd love to have the opportunity to actually test the 1.2 and 1.8 side by side, the 1.8 reviews were good and they weren’t wrong. 1.2 when I win the lotto!

  5. lesley,isn’t strange but your husband reminds me of MICK FLEETWOOD and in another pic of you in the graveyard mid jog you look like STEVIE NICKS.both of FLEETWOOD MAC fame.

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