Day 178 ….Hirsuteness and proud of it!

I met this young man for the first time today when we decided to take a visit to Camborne an old mining town, to pick up a new kitchen bin from Argos. Camborne has some very individual shops run by some real characters! Passing by a secondhand media shop we couldn’t resisit having a mooch for some music or films.The place was stuffed with vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s & smoking paraphernalia!

Seeing this incredible face I had to ask didn’t I? He graciously obliged and even untied his pony tail for effect. We got some John Lee Hooker and Steeleye Span as well.  I really am loving this 85mm for portrait work.  I didn’t know whether to put him in ‘natural forms’ or ‘people’ so did both 😉

Thought I would show another I did in colour, I thought his characterful face deserved some gritty processing, hope I haven’t over done it?


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