Day 192 … Home Sweet Home

It is quite interesting really, well it is to me that when you group similar things together they take on another identity, an identity that you may not have noticed before. You seem to notice those small insignificant details more as part of  as whole rather than the singular…if that makes sense?


10 thoughts on “Day 192 … Home Sweet Home

  1. makes perfect sense. some call it a photo essay, others a story, others a reportage. assemble similar images together and it can end up being far more significant that the sum of the parts 🙂

  2. Strength in numbers, power in repetition, makes perfect sense. And you’ve illustrated it so beautifully here. I too hope you’ll do more of these. (Can I ask – did you “weave” them together in WordPress or elsewhere? I’d like to do this too at times.)

    1. Thanks Spree, I did not weave them in wordpress but used Photoshop just created a new file that matched the size of the four and brought them in, I dont think u can do this in LR4.?

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