Day 194 … The Hairdresser

I thought I would share my view of the day as I awaited my turn. I went to have have my ‘roots’ fixed at my most wonderful hairdressers. It’s a very local salon situated in her home and even though I only go about four times a year its a great place to catch up on all the gossip! I have quite a weekend ahead of me, attending a stay away hen night do for my niece, so a girl has to look her best. More later, I shall hopefully have some very interesting pics to follow!

5 thoughts on “Day 194 … The Hairdresser

  1. Hi Lesley. These are very strong and characterful pics. You did well to balance the light from the window. Looking forward to your hen party pics as well…… 🙂

  2. Hi Lesley a very atmospheric picture. There is a strong tradition of taking pictures at Barbers and Ladies Hairdressers in photography. My contribution to this tradition is a picture taken at a Barbers Booth at a cattle market in northern Ethiopia. Thanks for reminding me of it. Andy

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