Day 201 . . Warhorse Ride

Has anyone seen ‘Warhorse’ yet? Stephen Spielbergs latest epic movie. Well today was my birthday treat after enjoying the movie a few weeks ago, I had wanted to see the very location on Dartmoor where it was filmed over nine months. Here is my riding companion Justine, proprietor of The Tor Royal and Tor Royal Stables with Gracie my mount and Bobby. It took us an hour and a half through rain showers across wild and very soggy moorland to get to the famous farmhouse where Joey was brought. The location was simply stunning and no wonder it was chosen, so isolated and very magical. The last time this was permanently occupied was in the 1960’s. After a wee rest we headed back and over three hours in the saddle you can imagine my butt was a little stiff and sore, but nothing a soak in a hot bath couldn’t sort out. Thank you Justine, you made my birthday!

If anyone is considering a break in Dartmoor stay at the historic Tor Royal, it’s the only place to stay in my opinion, superb accommodation with the warmest welcome ever.


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