Day 249 …. Street Noir

The winter evenings are drawing in, wandering home from yoga class it was apparent that summer has left us and the next season is drawing nigh!


6 thoughts on “Day 249 …. Street Noir

  1. That book I saw recently on night photography…if I studied it do you think I could capture images half as good as this? Or does it take the sort of genius you have Lesley? xx 🙂

    1. Mmmm, well TBVH that book had very little to do with it. I used my compact set to Black&White mode and under exposed it by about 2 stops – to get that dark moody look with enough highlight range not too blown out. So I guess it came more from inside! Thank you Spree., get the book tho’ it is rather inspiring have yet to really put some of it into practice. :)x

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