Day 286 …. Falmouth Oyster Festival Day

Today in Falmouth was the 16th Oyster Festival held annually at the start of the oyster season. We always try and attend as it is a great chance to sup oysters and champagne or stout as is your choice, amidst sea shanty live music and sale of all manor of things in the Cornish Food world. They reckon on selling over 10,000 shucked fresh oysters in the four days.

The Falmouth Bay oyster is only one of just two oysters in the world that by law since 1868 that has to be dredged by hand or sail. This enables the oyster fishery to be sustainably maintained for future generations. The oysters were very tasty, I like to take them in the mouth savour a little, chew a little, then swallow and enjoy the taste of the ocean for as long as I can!

The schools oyster parade was the mid afternoon event with walking oysters and stilt walkers trying to look enthusiastic through the heavy downpours of rain!


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