Day 336 …. the Future!



In the environs of our town we have yet more development to look forward to – as if we havent had enough already. Another green field site which used to surround us has the future of more housing, we need it like a hole in the head 😦 … I like they way they try to masquerade it as a village, not!


5 thoughts on “Day 336 …. the Future!

  1. I have to agree with you on this Lesley, developers are not always sympathetic to the areas that we leave in and often leave an eye sore under the guise of progress and pseudo village housing. Recently in East Sussex, it appears 47 acres have been sold for £1.00 to develop a theme park. If anything the area needs better hospitals and schools. Sorry about the rant, but it is annoying to say the least.

    1. Rant away, the developers are crafty and sly, this site was initially going to be an industrial development but they have sneakily changed the sign recently…. Morrrisons wanted to build a supermarket here but were turned down I believe now it is going to be housing!!!! coincidence???

  2. oh Lesley, where we live a beautiful beautiful tract of farm and field is now being converted into a McMansion development. So very sad to see these open spaces filled, fields exchanged for sidewalks. There simply IS no stopping it. And how sad the loss for us all. If only we (as a whole) understood how badly our souls (and our bodies too) need these open spaces!

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