Day 360 ….. walkies on Christmas Day



A brief respite from our relentless wet wild windy weather enabled the locals to blow the cobwebs away and walk off the feastings! We met ex farmworker at Trenethiick Barton and his faithful lassie dog called Shandy out for their afternoon walkies. As you can see we actually had some sunshine too today, brief appearance that it was, but one mustn’t complain! Only six more days to go !


7 thoughts on “Day 360 ….. walkies on Christmas Day

    1. Thanks Sal, yes a good peaceful quiet Christmas – perfect for me…. looking forward to focussing on my next project, think I shall be leaving 365 alone for a year, even though enjoyable 🙂

      1. 365 has been great really, but I won’t miss those uninspired days where I end up with a crap shot just for the sake of it!
        Look forward to seeing what comes next.

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