waiting for ‘that’ bus!







I needed to take a bus today, a bus to our city Truro, an eye test and new glasses. A  bus makes life kinda easy occasionally,  one can sit back and enjoy the countryside drive, indulge in a special lunch with a few glasses of wine without the hassle of parking, charges and fuel costs to boot. Mind you the lunch costs pretty much undermine the costs but it is far more enjoyable! Waiting for the reurn bus I did a few undercover shots of the characters that were waiting, the expressions are priceless.


8 thoughts on “waiting for ‘that’ bus!

  1. Priceless, absolutely PRICELESS!!! 😉 (may the poor woman never catch sight of how you caught her! On second thought, maybe it would come as no surprise. Poor dear, and lucky you! An amazing capture!) xx

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