Zone Plate Zone………..





Zone Plate photography is best described here an ancient way of recoding images, but, thanks be to Lensbaby there is such a device to recreate this very subtle ethereal effect.

I have had a Lensbaby for many years as all those who know me well, know I have enthused about passionately. However, after purchasing this week, the brand new upgraded Lensbaby Pro for my Canon 5Dii I thought I would tread the waters of their optic kit, one of which is the Zone Plate/Pin hole Lens. It is a challenging beasty, exposure is entirely suck it and see, focussing is near impossible but the results with patience is well rewarded . The minuscule zone plate is etched onto lith film on the the lens attachment, quite ingenious.

In the freezing cold this afternoon I visitied the local cemetary to see what it could do. So far I am more impresssed with the Zone Plate than the pin hole but I am only just beginning. My choice of this optic was swung by the need to create more atmospheric and less representational images for book covers, which is always a good reason to escape the comfort zone. Do they work?


11 thoughts on “Zone Plate Zone………..

  1. moody, atmospheric, haunting … these all have (for me) a come-a-bit-closer-though-wise-to-keep-your-distance sort of feel. THe hairs on my arms standing a bit on edge in anticipation of what might be lurking in the shadows. (I really do see how your work is being inspired – and taken to new places – by the book cover possibilities!) wonderful! xo

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