Greenlaning in Normandy by Velo





Greenlaning is a pursuit I became aufait with my friend Alix when we spent an amazing wild weekend last year traversing the wild green offroad lanes of Dorset in her Defender Landrover. Well, this weekend Alix, I have invented Greenlaning for velos (cycles) not so damn mad as ….. mountain biking ….. but a little more gentile, which allows time to appreciate the spring beauty and space of nature here in Lower Normandy and for me to photograph it!








Where are living there is an incredible network of footpaths/cycle routes to satisfy anyone with scenery and bucolic bliss to send you to heaven. It is so unspoilt here by any kind of commercialism.



The rape is blinding at the moment….



Here is my first Percheron, he is literally enorrrrrrrrmmmmous! Last weekend he was out being ridden by a huge fellow who looked like a matchstick man on top of him! Today, he was happily grazing as we passed by with his mate a Shetland pony.

Very sad to reflect so many thousands were lost during the wars.




Normandy folk are especially house-proud and garden-proud,  you literally never see a blade of grass out of place here. Everyone endeavours to strim and mow constantly to keep the place looking up to scratch. At the end of our relatively short 5 mile greenlane jaunt today we finished off traversing a field on this cycle/footpath that had just been mown! Amazing!


7 thoughts on “Greenlaning in Normandy by Velo

  1. Oh that special spring time green and a heavenly set of pictures. I see you had some sunshine as well as some cloud….in fact, a great day to take some snaps. Lovely stuff, Lesley.

  2. Oh Lesley, these bring such a welcome wave of comfort and happiness. SUCH beautiful images of an incredibly beautiful place. It would seem my dear that you belong here!! xox

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