Hanging around Suisse-Normandie










We had an exciting day yesterday, exploring what Suisse-Normandie just about 50km north from us, had to offer. Suisse-Normandie  actually has hills, sheer cliff faces interspersed with grazing cows, apple orchards and HANG-GLIDING! We came across these guys atop of ‘le Pain de Sucre’ (the Sugarloaf). Well listen to me, I really do not do sports photography ever, but, I couldn’t resist in having a go …….even with the Canon 5D2! reknown for slow focussing on action stuff, but…. I just about pulled it off I think. The guys thought it was a hoot (who threw in un petit posing)….seeing this crazy English female snapping away at them as they lunged off the purpose made concrete ramp into the heavenly void below. I just wish I had the nerve to do it myself, mind you if one of them had offered to give me a ride I would have been very tempted, it looked totally thrilling up close.


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