Château de Crevecoeur & the Schlumbergers

“Approaching the pretty village of Crevecoeur, I discovered on a hill, through the thick foliage of some large trees, high enough tower, walls forming an enclosure and various buildings on which it was easy to recognize at first glance eye, the passage of centuries. I arrived at the castle of Crevecoeur … ”

MF Demiau Crouzillac of “Castle Crevecoeur” 1859

Chateau Crevecoeur


Chateau Crevecoeur


A family … a museum

Today we drove over a hundred mile round triip to visit the Chateau de Crevecouer which was the home of the Schlumberger family from 1876 – 1970 when then it became the property of the Schlumberger Foundation Museum. The castle of Crevecoeur houses an exhibition dedicated to the industrial adventure Schlumberger brothers Conrad and Marcel.

This is for my best friend Jacqui who has worked for this company in Aberdeen for many years!

Chateau Crevecoeur


Alsatian by birth, yet it is in the Pays d’Auge these discoverers of Engineering will carry out their research that will revolutionize mineral exploration and exploitation of oil deposits in the world. This is where Geo Physics came from.


Chateau Crevecoeur

Chateau Crevecoeur


The castle itself sits proud on the inner bailey surrounded by a water filled moat, the place oozes medieval Norman history  A rich history of nearly ten centuries is all around. Crevecoeur means ‘exhausted heart’, because the land here was so bad and infertile to work.

Chateau Crevecoeur

Chateau CrevecoeurOn the left is the Lord of the manors dove cote which housed over 5000 birds, it is square in structure which is unusual, only the Lord of the manor was allowed to keep doves for food and eggs even the droppings were very valuable for fertiliser. On the right is the farmers quarters next to the Barn where the animals were kept. This is in the outer Bailey.

Chateau Crevecoeur


Herbs for animal complaints

Chateau Crevecoeur
Chateau Crevecoeur


It was a very interesting day out and summer seems to have arrived topping 25 degrees today!


10 thoughts on “Château de Crevecoeur & the Schlumbergers

  1. I agree! The lighting in those first images is lovely!! The first is reminiscent of a painting by an old master. what a beautiful place, so well maintained and beautifully captured in your photos. I’ve missed you Lesley…thank you for the heavy sigh this brought! xox

    1. Missed you too Spree hope all is well with you and life is good :)x We had a very relaxing day wandering around here, never been so relaxed since living here!

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