Chateaux de Lassay

Photographer: Lesley Treloar (

This is a 3 shot stitch I did yesterday of this majestic chateau we went to see, I kind like the infra red but have attached the colour as well as both have a most different feel to them… please click the image to see a larger size

We headed out of our familiar Orne into the Loire region of Normandy to Lassay les Chateaux, a ville that has not one but two chateaux, one in ruins and this one The Chateau de Lassay in the centre of this picturesque town. It is the most extraordinary fortified medieval château in the department of the Mayenne (Pays de la Loire) and it is one of the best preserved medieval châteaux in France, complete with a working drawbridge and barbican.

The château was built in the 14th and 15th centuries and its fortifications comprise eight massive towers linked by ramparts and a crenellated curtain wall. It is the barbican that is one of the most remarkable features, as no other example of this form of defence (intended to protect the drawbridge area) has survived in such a perfect state of preservation in France During the Occupation, the castle was used as a German command post during the Second World War.

Our guide a very petit French girl handed us English translations which was a bonus and showed us the details of the defences, the interior of the château (kitchen, armoury and dining room), the hidden dark and narrow passageways part of the barbican used for defence and the beautiful grounds and gardens behind the castle which now have Brittany sheep grazing in its once water filled lake and moat. On one side the castle overlooks an étang (fishing lake) which is where I took this photo.

The family numbering 15 actually still live here and the €6 entry fee was well worth the price.

and here in colour:

Photographer: Lesley Treloar (


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