Chateau du Bois Thibault

Photographer: Lesley Treloar (

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This is the ‘other’ chateau we visited at Lassay, it has been in a sad state of disrepair for sometime. I must admit I have been quite impressed by some of these castles, quite a contrast from our own in Blighty, they really do have an air of Knights Templar and Arthurian feel about them. This is the potted history, translated …

Built on an old feudal castle (abandoned during the 100 year old war), it was according to the Angot Abbot “rebuilt in all or partly (1467) with similar turns with drain-holes and arbalétrières with those of Lassay”; consequently it was one of most considerable of the baronnie of Mayenne. Transmitted by blood ties or by marriage, it was inhabited until in 1830, date from which only the corbels and the pigeons made him an assiduous court.


2 thoughts on “Chateau du Bois Thibault

  1. Stunning! Coming as I do from the “new world” sights like this awe me. Such an interesting beautiful shot Lesley…and how nice of the sky to cooperate in such a lovely way.

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