Streetlife et Alencon

Some of the street-life shots amongst a lot of other varying photo-work I did on our day here. Alencon is the capital of Orne and has humble beginnings as a ford over the river Sarthe from the 11th century and was known as a burgus (market town). It has since become famous worldwide, for needlework ‘Point d’ Alencon’ which was declared winter lace at court in 17c. Not that I am into needlepoint.

However, it is a fascinating and enjoyable medieval town to wander and explore, so much so I am going back again. Pierre our neighbour spent his first 25 years here.

I always find it enjoyable but also traumatic when visiting a place for the first time, I want to photograph everything and anything, and then I come away with a hotch or botch pot of all genres of images. This is the challenge of being a photographer who is drawn to street, documentary, contemporary and reportage!


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