La Ferte Mache on a grey Normandy day

Just for fun and for no deep rooted reason I decided to snap anything that took my eye with the compact today as we went about our shopping in La Ferte Mache, nothing terribly exciting but a contemporary record of my day and my eye…. As you can see there is an abstract mix of architectural styles with the town itself. The First World War Memorial is pretty special as the town has quite a historic link to the Great War….

During the First World War the village housed a military detention camp, the Dépôt de Triage. Among others, the American poet EE Cummings and his friend William Slater Brown then volunteers in the Norton-Harjes  Ambulance Corps  in France, were held there between September 21, 1917 and December 19 of the same year, on charges of “espionage” which in fact consisted of having expressed anti war opinions. Cummings’ experiences in the camp at La Ferté-Mace were later related in his novel, The Enormous Room.


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