I have my eye on you ….

Photo © Lesley Treloar. All Rights Reserved. Tel: 0777 5728594


One of my local ‘hoodies’ on my roof, the intelligence shines out of them, such characters as well!


7 thoughts on “I have my eye on you ….

  1. A wonderful image and catchy title and prose. Before opening the post I half expected some local youth to be clambering on your roof…….still l laughing at my stupidity. Have a great week Lesley, regards, James

  2. Powerful image. What a piercing, intelligent gaze! I first read about starlings in the Conrad Lorenz’s writings…pretty brilliant little buggers these guys! Beautiful photo, Lesley!

    1. Thank you Spree, you are correct the gaze is from another world… they are actually called Jackdaws not starlings, unless your starlings are our JAckdaws? LOL 🙂 We have ‘mumerations’ of starlings here in the autumn, thousands create waves of spectacular flights – have you seen?

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